As part of Betway’s ongoing commitment to security and regulatory compliance, we require the following information to be completed for our KYC (Know Your Customer) policy:

Firstly please add your payment details, you can do this by clicking on the 'My Account' section.

Please complete the below table and attach relevant documents, then email to [email protected]

Affiliates are only eligible for payment once they have been KYC approved.

Betway Affiliate Manager


(Head Office)

Registration Certificate
(N/A if individual)

Ownership Structure
(N/A if individual)

(N/A if individual)

Full Name and Date of Birth required

List of Directors
(N/A if individual)

Nature of Business

In addition to the form being completed, the following documents are required:


A copy of a valid identity document with a photograph e.g. Passport / Driving Licence / Identity Card (documents accepted must be issued by official governmental entities).

Proof of address: copy of a household utility bill, bank or saving account statements that are no older than 3 months.


Company registration number and certificate of incorporation.

Copy of a valid identity document of the Company’s directors with a photograph, such as Passport / Driving Licence / Identity Card. Documents accepted must be issued by official governmental entities (if more than 1 director, a minimum of 2 identity documents are required). *Not required for UK based affiliates.

Payment method verification

In order to verify the ownership of the payment method whether an individual or corporate affiliate, you will need to set up your payment details for your selected payment method. The following is then required for verification;

Web-wallet – a screenshot of the web-wallet details: corresponding email address, web-wallet account number, full name / surname and physical address. The screenshot needs to show date and time e.g. the task bar on a PC within the last 3 months (screenshots on mobile devices or via Apps will not be accepted).

Bank Wire – Verification of the following details on an official bank statement: full name / surname (Individuals) Company name (Corporate), address and account number. The statement needs to include transaction history (transactions can be covered). Screenshots on mobile devices or via Apps will not be accepted.

Accepted documentation

1. Documents must be fully legible and in high resolution.

2. Expired documents will not be accepted.

3. Permanent Account Number (PAN) cards, issued by the Indian Tax Department, can be accepted.

4. Documents in languages other than English can be accepted.

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