The New Betway has arrived…

The New Betway has arrived…

We are very proud to announce the launch of an all new and improved Betway!

We have given our site and products a major overhaul, so they are now better than ever, with fresh Betway branding across both desktop and mobile platforms.

But it’s not just about looks. Betway now provides an improved user-friendly interface that will enrich the player experience, whatever their gaming preference!

So what are you waiting for, head over to the site now to take a look!

We have awesome new features to tell you about

A custom-built, personalised in-browser playing experience - Casino players can now log in at Betway from either their PC or laptop and play directly within the browser. They can save their favourite games, access the latest offers and customise their game play.

Our new loyalty scheme, Betway Plus - Whether wagering on Sports or Casino, players will earn Plus Points, which can later be redeemed for a Bonus of their choice.

Enhanced mobile gaming experience – Mobile players will find even more casino classics to choose from. Plus Points can also be redeemed on the go, so getting the most out of Betway has never been easier.  

Betway Vegas – If your players are looking for the bright lights, glitz and glamour, and buzz of Las Vegas then they will love Betway Vegas – a new Betway product focused on slots and big money jackpots.

What does this mean for affiliates?

You will find a great new range of banners within the media section of Betway Partners, ready for you to download now, with the new branding! We have automatically updated all the live banners currently in the system, but make sure you check your websites to be sure everything has changed over as planned. If you have any problems or questions, just contact our friendly Support Team.

In terms of affiliate tracking and reporting, nothing will change, so there is no extra work to be done on your part! However do be sure to update your sites with new information on Betway, with new images and logos. This is a great time to push Betway, and recruit new players!  


The aim? To work together to increase affiliate traffic and conversions

These new changes are just another demonstration of our continued investment in the Betway brand and our growing portfolio of products, and will provide great opportunities to increase affiliate traffic and conversions. We are all very excited about the latest developments here at Betway Partners and we look forward to you joining us on the next of leg of our exciting Betway adventure.

If you have any questions regarding our latest developments, please feel free to contact your Affiliate Manager or our Support Team today. 

Very best regards, 

The Betway Partners Team 

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