Play Bingo and ‘Win a Car’

Play Bingo and ‘Win a Car’


Betway is proud to announce an exclusive ‘Win a Car’ campaign available to Betway and Dream Bingo customers playing in the Day Dreamer and Thrill Seeker rooms.


The prize for each 'Win a Car' game is a brand new car, with an increase in the value of the car each week.

Week 1 (6th, 9th & 10th May): Full House in 37 Calls – new Volkswagen UP (value £8,000)
Week 2 (13th, 16th, & 17th May): Full House in 38 Calls – new Fiat 500 (value £10,000)
Week 3 (20th, 23rd & 24th May): Full House in 39 Calls – new Mini One (value £13,000)
Week 4 (30th May): Full House in any number of calls – new Volkswagen Beetle (value £15,000)

To qualify, players must have an active account with a real money deposit made within the last 180 days and also purchase at least 1 x £1 cash ticket into the Day Dreamer/Thrill Seeker room for the 'Win a Car' game.


If you are interested in promoting ‘Win a Car’ Game do not hesitate to contact the Bingo team! 

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