Earning Commission

Betway Partners offer a mix of commission types; Revenue Share, CPA, and more. When you join the programme you will automatically be entered into a tiered Revenue Share structure. The more customers you refer, the better your rate with us.

Revenue Share

The standard revenue share deal rates which all new partners receive is as follows:

1-10 players 25%
11-40 players 30%
41-100 players 35%
101+ players 40%

Terms and conditions regarding revenue share can be found here.

Other deals are subject to approval and discussion with your affiliate manager.

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)

If we agree a CPA deal, Betway Partners will pay an agreed amount for every qualifying player. CPA amounts vary depending on the type of product and the market. To discuss the terms of a CPA deal, please contact your affiliate manager. More details can also be found in the Terms and Conditions.

How do I earn commission?

Step 1: Promote Betway by using one of our unique tracking links

Step 2: This link must contain your unique affiliate identification number so that we can track the traffic that comes from your website.

Step 3: If the visitor you direct to Betway then opens an account and starts playing you will start earning commission based on the revenue that the player generates, or the pre agreed rate between you and Betway Partners.

Start Earning Money with Betway